Kota Guide

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Chambal River Kota

The Chambal River is a tributary of the Yamuna River in central India, and forms part of the greater Gangetic drainage system. The river flows north-northeast through Madhya Pradesh, running for a time through Rajasthan, then forming the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh before turning southeast to join the Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh stae.
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Thermal Power Plant Kota

Kota Thermal Power Plant is Rajasthan's first major Coal fired Power plant. It is located on the left bank of Chambal river near Kota. Kota Thermal Power Station of RVUNL is reckoned one of the best, efficient and prestigious power station of the country.
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Museum Kota

The Brij Vilas Museum mostly concentrates on culture of the region. Objects of historical and scientific importances are exhibited here. The main objective of the museum is to provide as much information of the great resources of Rajasthan which has been collected and preserved all these years.
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Jag Mandir Kota

Jag Mandir is the central attraction in the picturesque Kishore Sagar artificial lake. It is a cute noteworthy palace located right on the center of the lake, placed perfectly on a small island. The temple was built on behalf of one of the queens of Kota on 1740. The architectural style of the Jag Mandir is amazing.
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Umed Bhawan Palace

The hotel Umed Bhawan Palace is very old hotel built in 1905. It is one of the finest Heritage Hotels in Kota and a group of WelcomHeritage heritage Hotel. The hotle's building is very beautiful with decorated ceilings and marble corridors. The staffs are very humbled and helpful. The atmosphere inside is very royal and extra ordinary feeling.
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Garh Palace Kota

Garh Palace (also referred to as Garh) in Kota is a large complex with a number of structures. These chiefly depict architectural elegance of Rajput style. The palace complex is also called as ‘City Palace’ and comprises monuments, suites and apartments built by different rulers of Rajput Dynasty. Displaying richness of heritage, the Garh Palace in Kota is an important place to visit.
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Godawari Dham kota

This Hanuman Temple is located beside the swiftly flowing Chambal River. It has two high marble towers and huge marble swan built at the top of the entrance gate
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Kota Berrage Kota

The Kota Barrage is situated at a short distance of 0.8 km upstream form the city of Kota. The fourth dam in the chain of dams built by the Chambal Valley Project, Kota Barrage was constructed in the year of 1960.
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Abhera Mahal Kota

Once the summer house and hunting lodge of the rulers, Abhera Mahal is open for visitors to taste the splendor of the bygone era.
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Chambal Garden kota

Located at the bank of river Chambal, the Chambal Garden is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the Indian city of Kota. Visitors can enjoy peace in the lap of exquisite greenery while in this city.
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City mall kota

The City Mall will be coming up on the city’s most important thoroughfare, adjacent to the Instrumentation Township and only a kilometer from Talwandi, the main institutional hub. A 15 minutes drive will take you to the railway station and the bus stand while the airport lies merely 2.5 km away from the Mall.
 Quick Location Guide
 2 K.M from Nayapura Bus Stand
 6 K.M from Railway Station
 7 K.M from Dhakniya Railway Station
 1 K.M from NH-12
 Hotel On NH-76